Kelli McSwan, PhD

Director of Neuropsychology Services

Kelli McSwan

Kelli is a highly skilled brain injury specialist with proven ability to establish and build an outpatient Sports Concussion Clinic.  She has expertise in the assessment, rehabilitation, and case management of concussion and strong management and interpersonal skills with an ability to select and lead an interdisciplinary medical team as well as formulate key relationships with team athletic trainers, coaches, & physicians.  Her presentation/education experience marketing and helps her to effectively communicating with athletes, teachers, parents, counselors, professionals, and the community at large.  Kelli has lectured extensively on concussion in sports and is passionate about emerging opportunities in sports concussion research, diagnosis and treatment.  Additionally, Kelli’s abilities include managing a private medical practice’s bottom-line including reimbursement and expenses, conducting research, and reviewing research protocols as an IRB member.

Kelli is the Clinical Director of Sports Concussion Associates which provides Comprehensive Sports Concussion services at Seal Beach Physical Therapy, NewSport Physical Therapy, Corona Del Mar, and Xcelerate Physical Therapy Centers in Thousand Oaks and Moorpark, California.  Sports Concussion Associates provides ImPact Testing, Comprehensive Neuropsychological evaluation(s), Balance and Vestibular Testing utilizing Biodex Bio-Sway, Comprehensive Vestibular and Balance Therapy, Out Patient Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy services and Clinically supervised Return to Play Program, Neuro-Optometric Referral when needed, Comprehensive Psychological Screening and Treatment, and is currently the only Center of Excellence recognized by Major League Baseball as a preferred provider for Umpires and Players in Orange and Los Angeles Counties.

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