There are local, regional, national and global unmet needs and opportunity for developing “Best Practices” facilities addressing the growing health care crisis of sports and other causes of concussions.  This is due in part to the evolving knowledge and acceptance of the improved approach to assessing and managing concussions, notably the involvement of professionals not typically in practice together or in hospitals and clinics, including neuro-optometrists, neuropsychologists, neurovestibular therapists, audiologists, physical therapists and certified athletic trainers (ATCs). With the implementation of more readily available and routine baseline testing and comprehensive multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment, outcomes for concussion patients can be improved, and more patients referred and seen at centers providing these comprehensive services.

By providing an appropriate business model for its partners, Conquering Concussions will guide the development and implementation of comprehensive baseline, diagnostic and follow-up evaluations and treatment of mTBI patients of all ages. The Conquering Concussions-affiliated Concussion Centers will provide six primary services:

  1. Baseline and Screening programs
  2. Diagnostic, Treatment and Rehabilitation Services
  3. Neuropsychology Services
  4. Neurovestibular assessments and therapy
  5. Vision Services, including optometry and vision therapy
  6. Audiology assessments

Our Partners